Our Services

Whitelaw Baikie Figes provides its' clients with a simple, straightforward, core of property services. We do not aspire to be all things to all people, but do aspire to excel at those services we provide, and in so doing both understand and promote our clients interests. This may be individual to a specific instruction, but may equally be at a corporate level where, for example, a strategic acquisition program is in progress. The services listed below comprise our core skills, and are considered in more detail by clicking on each link. By necessity these headings reflect the general nature of the services which are provided in respect of each skill. The detail of any instruction will, of course, be tailored to a clients individual requirements.


Rent Review







Terms & conditions

The terms of our appointment with you - either in respect of an individual assignment or corporate retention, as the case may be - will be confirmed in writing and renewed annually, setting out the scope of our instruction, reporting requirements and basis of renumeration, all in accordance with RICS guidlines. Whilst each fee agreement will clearly be tailored to the individual circumstances of each instruction, our modus operandi will as a generality be as follows:

- With the benefit of a clear brief, negotiations will be brought as best as practical to their final conclusion before referral to the client, thus avoiding the necessity of canvassing daily instructions over the most mundane matters

- Additionally all negotiations and briefings with your lawyers will be conducted as a matter of routine, subject to final client instructions. Invariably a cohesive liason structure works to the benefit of our clients, both in securing the immediate aims of any instruction, and in the operation of any ensuing obligations arising from that transaction

- Where a corporate retention is involved, for example on behalf of a national retailer or property company, we will monitor market activity that may influence our clients property interests as a 'watching brief'. Annual budget rents can be provided, and indeed will be recommended in some circumstances

- Not all, but certainly the majority of our services are provided fully inclusive of out of pocket expenses. Common exceptions comprise estate boards (for disposal purposes), externally printed brochures or press advertising, however these costs are only ever incurred upon the specific authorisation of our clients, and will be charged back at cost with no additional administrative costs. Of particular importance, clients automatically qualify for free listing of both their disposals and acquisition requirements on this website


-It is our intention to provide a full, competitive and efficient service addressed to a clients requirements, tailored to avoid the need for day to day input, and this will be reflected in a reporting structure designed to meet a clients needs. In accordance with RICS guidance, we additionally maintain a Complaints Handling Procedure

- As a client you may require the services of other property professionals. We are of course happy to provide recommendations where required services fall outwith our own core strengths

Our fees

We believe you will find our fee structures competitive, particularly relative to the level of service and direct partner involvement. If you are a prospective client, and wish to review a typical fee agreement, our complaints handling procedure, or simply wish to discuss your property requirements, please contact this office.