'specialist property development advice including project appraisal, sensitivity analysis and site assembly'

As Chartered Surveyors we may be introduced to the development process at any juncture, eg as letting agents for the final building product. However we have a potential role to play throughout the entirety of the development process, from initial site assembly to sale of the completed investment. Setting aside the obvious roles of letting and investment advice (covered elsewhere), other services might include some or all of the following:

- Negotiations with landlowners over prospective purchases

- Undertaking outline development appraisals as a precursor to site negotiations

- Securing site acquisition either directly or via options to purchase

- Fully liaising with the client's lawyers during the acquisition process

- Undertaking appropriate local authority enquiries in respect of alternative planning uses

- Liaising with the client's architect over the proposed building design to optimise lettable floor area, flexibilty of design to suit as many occupiers as possible etc

- Undertake market research in respect of tenant demand etc

- Conduct preliminary negotiations with prospective forward-lets or anchor tenants

- Undertake full valuation appraisals with sensitivity analysis in respect of anticipated rental income and end investment value

- Provide advice on lease structure as a means of maximising asset value upon completion

- Provide interim reports in support of the clients lending facility

- Attendance at meetings with the development team to ensure continued input into the end building

- Liaising with the clients lawyers throughout