'specialist investment advice across all commercial property but with a particular emphasis on retail'

Commercial property is not only an important asset class for the major institutional pension funds, but provides the lifeblood for property companies, no matter how small or large, across the land. Our role on behalf of investment clients will as a matter of rote fully encompass the other services that comprise acquisition, disposal or rent review. However these comprise only part of the services required to optimise a clients property holding. Without undertaking actual day to day management (ie rent collection etc) of any particular property we would usually expect to play a broader role in the asset management of a clients' investments - individually or corporately - involving the following potential services:

- Monitoring shifts in market demand, yield etc for any particular investment asset

- Monitoring demographic shifts which might affect a particular asset

- Tracking changing land use policy, alternative planning proposals etc which might impact medium / long term on a particular investment

- Monitoring tenant demand across the sectors as an important influencing factor on rental growth

- Tracking the rent review settlements of neighbouring ownerships as a means of both providing interim valuations and projecting capital growth

- Providing valuation and strategic advice in respect of any tenant proposals, eg where an assignment is sought

- Maintaining a watching brief on an investments' occupational tenants

- Reviewing proposed lease terms or re-gearing existing lease conditions to ensure asset value is optimised